Visa’s Suite of Sensory Cues are Official for Payment Devices

Visa Sensory Branding

Visa Sensory BrandingVisa, a multinational financial services organization that facilitates electronic funds transfers around the globe with Visa branded credit and debit cards has announced a suite of sensory cues that will support the Visa brand for connected and payment-enabled devices. These functions will be based on sound, animation and haptic/vibration responses to alert uses of completed transactions in retail stores and other digital environments when customers pay with Visa.

It should be noted that the sound of Visa will go live in Visa’s global advertising campaign prior to the onset of Olympic Winter Games PyeongChang 2018.

“For 60 years, the Visa brand has been a global symbol of innovation, speed, trust and security,” said Lynne Biggar, chief marketing and communications officer, Visa. “As payments become increasingly embedded in commerce, the notion of ‘Everywhere You Want To Be’ takes on even greater meaning for our brand. As new payment experiences continue to take shape in the world, this suite of sensory branding elementswill give consumers the assurances we know they want every time they use Visa.”

A survey done by the same financial institution revealed that up to 71 percent of respondents thought a website was secure upon seeing the Visa logo, which yielded a high likelihood to successfully perform a transaction.

In regard to what value this suite will bring to the table, Visa mentions that up to 83 percent of respondents (based on research conducted in 8 countries) acknowledged sound or animation cues positively impacted their perception of the Visa brand. The same thing was said for merchants who use the service, in addition to the convenience of sound and haptic feedback.

Visa’s sensory branding will be available as a software development kit (SDK) on the Visa Developer Platform, and through the Visa Ready program for deeper integration requirements, in 2018. Visa is also developing pilot programs with a national merchant and point-of-sale (POS) hardware vendors for 2018.