iPhone 8 Plus Review: 4 Months Later (Video)


When it comes to class, no other smartphone does it better than an iPhone, the galaxies do try but the guardian remains this fruity smartphone. The iPhone 8 and 8 Plus were launched alongside the iPhone X and that created a problem. Of course, people would want the newer, much better looking iPhone, regardless of the arm and leg that Apple is charging for it.

Well, the iPhone 8 Plus is not bad, aside from the old and dated design that the phone possesses, everything else is pleasant. Apple used glass-on-glass this time around, which brings wireless charging but also carries along with it a few problems, for instance, this phone is a fingerprint magnet, even more so on the space grey model, at least the gold color tries to hide the filth. The glass back also makes this phone the most breakable iPhone to date.

So, in a jiffy, what do you get with the iPhone 8 Plus?

iOS 11 comes bundled out of the box, despite its numerous bugs, it’s still the latest that Apple has to offer, something very few Android phones can brag about when it comes to updates.

There’s a new A11 Bionic Chip that makes the iPhone 8 series every geek’s dream as this processor blows through benchmarks. Speaking of bionic, this chip enables the iPhone 8 Plus perform some neat AR tricks that would make all other iPhones hide in shame but the ecosystem is still at its infancy, so for now, only a number of apps are there to give you this experience.

Battery life is also amazing. Gone are the days that iPhone users would have to walk around with power banks because of the small batteries that iPhones had, well, the batteries are still small compared to the competition but the iPhone 8 Plus would last the whole day without feeling the need to run for the charger.

Oh, there’s still no 3.5mm headphone jack, that is never coming back but like last year, we have IP67 certification for dust and water resistance.

I’d talk about the camera here but, I really want you to watch the video review, so to know how good the iPhone 8 Plus’ camera is, here’s a link to the full video review:

The iPhone 8 plus retails at Ksh.114,000 for the 64GB model and Ksh.145,000 for the 256GB model and the phone is available from Safaricom Shops, Elite Digital, Mac & More, Personal Systems, Salute iWorld and PhoneLink.