How Your Business Can Improve Customer Relations

customer relations

customer relationsDo you feel like you’re having trouble connecting to your customer base? Seeing that your once loyal customers are going elsewhere for services or that they haven’t made any purchases in the past few months can be disheartening. The key is finding out why they decided to go elsewhere.

Losing touch isn’t an option when you want to win in the business world. Here are a few examples of what you can do to improve your overall customer relations, boost your sales and promote your services.

There’s An App For That

Do your customers purchase products through a traditional phone ordering system or through live customer service? Maybe you have an online operating system in place that helps them place their orders or set up appointments. The real question is, are customers fully connected with everything that your business has to offer? Or are they missing important services that they could benefit from? Offering the right CPQ strategies can keep you connected with the right clients and help you boost sales. 

Have you considered offering a mobile application that could simplify the ordering process? Hiring a software engineer or tech guru that could design the perfect app may help boost sales and improve overall customer morale. For customers and clients on the go, a mobile app would save everyone time and money. It would also make reordering certain items and handling customer service requests and concerns a breeze.

Set Up Real Time Chat

When customers visit the landing page on your site, are they overwhelmed with too much information? For example, do they have to navigate through various tabs and pages to find what they want? This can easily lead to frustration and ultimately losing target consumers. Having a real time chat in place can link the customer to your staff immediately. You can use your existing customer service team to be readily available to chat throughout the day.

This is a great communication tool  for the busy customer who doesn’t have time to physically call your business. Maybe they’re on vacation or busy at work. Think about after hours availability as well. Many customers place orders or wish to set up appointments after business hours. This allows them to have questions answered and saves everyone time and money. Ask your web designer or IT specialist to help you set up a live chat operation and  provide the training needed for your customer service team to be able to operate the upgrade.

Keeping Them In The Know Through Text Updates 

Do you have a new product to introduce to your customer base or new software programs/updates that you want to share with your clients? One way to keep them up to date on what and how your business is doing is through frequent text updates. Forbes suggests that offering top-notch customer service is key to company success, no matter what the latest technology craze or business boom is.

Reaching your customer base through text messaging is a great and cheap way to stay in touch and reach your target demographics at the same time. Set up a targeted marketing program and work with your tech department to add fresh text updates that lead to a marketable and informative link. This can help boost communication and relations between you and your existing customer base.
Beef Up Your Blog

Does your company blog or website have a lot of old and outdated information on it? It may seem costly or time consuming to add new articles and sales trends to your main page, but it may actually be costing you more in the long run. If you have a website that attracts customers, they’re likely to share and spread the word.

Shares on social media with articles and blog posts can drive new, interested consumers to your website and, eventually, your to order page. Now is the time to beef up your blog and make it shine. Hiring a blogging pro and/or a top-notch web developer will help you refresh your image and get you more connected with the right targeted consumer base.

Keeping the lines of communication open with your potential customers is important. Stay connected with the latest and greatest in technological advancements to help your business be the best it can be.