Strathmore Business School, Liquid Telecom Partner to See Improved Data Analytics for Local Businesses

EADC, Nairobi

EADC, NairobiSmall and medium-sized businesses in the country will benefit from a newly launched data analytic program at Strathmore University. Dubbed Strathmore Africa Data Analytic Centre, the project will target local business that do not have the capacity to collect or make sense of data encountered in their daily operations.

The project was conceptualized by Strathmore Business School (SBS) and Liquid Telecom with the aim of leveraging the importance of data-driven research and practices for African businesses.

The partnership guarantees robustness where liquid will provide technical services, as well as dedicated tools such as rack space and collocation offerings at East Africa Data Centre (EADC). At the same time, Liquid will establish a direct fibre link between the Business School and EADC that will augment the provision of additional services such as data mining, predictive analysis, to mention a few.

“A data revolution is coming to Africa, bringing with it the need for new skills and infrastructure to help businesses unlock the true potential of Big Data. By providing Strathmore Business School with access to our world-class facilities at EADC, we hope to provide a platform for innovation in analytics as well as develop joint solutions to some of the challenges being presented by large volumes of data on consumers,” said Dan Kwach, General Manager at EADC.

“Businesses in Africa now have a lot of data about their customers and their buying behaviour. So far, a lack of skills in data science has prevented businesses from using that data for strategic decision making. Through this partnership, Liquid Telecom and SBS will help provide companies with the tools and learning they need to achieve real improvements in performance,” said Ben Roberts, Group Chief Technology and Innovation Officer (CTIO) at Liquid Telecom.

SBS and Liquid Telecom
Official Launch of the Strathmore Africa Data Analytic Centre

During the official unveiling of the analytics centre will abide by strict privacy regulations as part of the deployment of this program.

Both institutions, namely Strathmore University and Liquid Telecom have been at the forefront in the growth of digital revolution in the local scene. Strathmore, for instance, set up The African Media Hub to develop professional skills for future professionals in journalism, communication and data analysis.

Also, the learning institution is on the last stages in launching a Global Partnership for Sustainable Data (GPSDD), the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), the Committee on Earth Observation Satellites (CEOs) and the founding partner in the Open Data Cube (ODC) to host the Africa Regional Data Cubes (ARDC).

On the other hand, Liquid Telecom is currently expanding its award-winning East Africa Data Centre in Nairobi, Kenya, which houses 2,000 square metres of secured space for data servers over four floors.


  1. I agree the African data revolution is gaining momentum every other day. With this partnership, I think we can expect more awareness on the importance of data-driven decisions for businesses, especially digital marketers who are drowning in data, as well as data protection and privacy practives.

    But could someone please explain which data servers have been mentioned in the last paragraph?

    An article from the Business Daily claims that EADC hosts servers for Tata, Level3, Seacom, Safaricom SCOM, JamiiTelcom, Access Kenya, Orange Telkom Kenya Ltd, Wananchi Online, and Frontier Optical Network and Liquid Telecom.

    I understand that the only servers in Africa are in south Africa according to DNS checker: So which servers is EADC hosting?

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