List of Home Internet Service Providers in Kenya with 2023 Packages

Safaricom Home Fibre Router
Safaricom Home Fibre Router

For the Kenyan Consumer, Home internet solutions have seen a rise in offerings. More and more players are getting into the space each trying to have a unique selling point.

While main players like Safaricom, Zuku, and Jamii Telcom dominate the market, small players have been eating into their market share.

This is especially true in satellite towns in Kajiado, Kiambu, and parts of Nairobi. For sure, the smaller players targeted areas that the established Internet service providers had not prioritized. Of course, their initial target was already developed areas with a demographic raring to have unlimited internet access.

In this article, we take a look at the different internet service providers (ISPs) in Kenya. Moreover, the focus is on packages offered to homes.

It is important to note that home fibre access is also determined by ISP coverage. While you might prefer a specific ISP, the company may not be covering your residential area. Hence, when choosing an ISP for your home internet, price, speeds, customer care, and coverage are all important considerations.

Safaricom Home Internet

Fibre packagesSpeedsPrice (30 days)Fair Usage LimitSpeeds after Fair Usage
Bronze10 MbpsKshs. 2,999500GB1Mbps
Silver20 MbpsKshs. 4,1001000GB3Mbps
Gold40 MbpsKshs. 6,2991000GB3Mbps
Diamond100 MbpsKshs. 12,4991000GB3Mbps

Safaricom provides you with a Wi-Fi router, which will be installed and configured for free.

To register as a new customer Dial *400#.

Payment Safaricom Home Fibre is made via M-PESA PayBill number 150501. In addition, the services are offered on a prepayment basis and last for 30 days.

However, take note that Safaricom’s home fibre is subject to Fair Usage Policy (FUP), exceeding your limit will see internet speeds throttled as indicated in the table.

Furthermore, the telco also offers wireless solutions with 4G wireless and 5G wireless.

Faiba Home Internet (Jamii Telcom)

Fibre packagesSpeedsPrice (30 days)
Unlimited internet for a month40 MbpsKshs. 5,250
Unlimited internet for a month65 MbpsKshs. 10,500
Unlimited internet for a month90MbpsKshs. 15,750
Unlimited internet for a month140MbpsKshs. 21,000

Faiba states that all their connections are dedicated.

To pay for Faiba home via Mpesa, follow these steps:

  1. Go to M-PESA on your phone
  2. Select Pay Bill option
  3. Enter Business no. 330330 for fixed internet
  4. Enter JTLKXX in account code where XX is your JTL FAIBA account number
  5. Enter the Amount
  6. Enter your M-PESA PIN and Send

Telkom Home Plan

Telkom has a 4G data bundles plan to cater for home users. To access the service, one has to purchase a Telkom 4G router that uses a Sim Card.

Home PlansValidityPrice
Daily 5GB24 HrsKshs. 250
Monthly 12 GB30 DaysKshs. 1,000
Monthly 30 GB30 DaysKshs. 2,000
Monthly 50 GB30 DaysKshs. 3,000
Unlimited30 DaysKshs. 4,000
Unlimited Plus 500GB30 DaysKshs 5,500
100GB90 DaysKshs. 6,000

To subscribe to the Telkom Home bundles;

Dial USSD *544# if using a mobile phone,  visit or call Telkom customer care on 100.

Remember, each Telkom home bundle is subject to FUP.

Liquid Home Fibre

Fibre packagesSpeedsPrice (30 days)
Basic5 MbpsKshs. 2,499
Fast10 MbpsKshs. 3,499
Super Fast25 MbpsKshs. 5,199
Lightning Fast50MbpsKshs. 6,839

Liquid Home promises unlimited usage for its customers. However, they have pointed out that speeds may vary during peak and off-peak hours.

You may visit this link to see if they cover your area.

Poa! Home

Poa is a low-cost internet service provider with coverage in most parts of Nairobi.

They charge KSH 1,500 pm for unlimited access. In addition, their customers have access to 10,000 Poa Hotspots in public zones.

First time installation is charged at KSH 3,500/-.

Contact Poa Internet via 0730 762 762 or Email: [email protected].

Zuku Home

Zuku from Wananchi group have the internet only package. Here, the customer gets a free Modem and installation. However, adding Ksh 499/- to your package gets you Zuku’s Classic TV pack.

Fibre packagesSpeedsPrice (30 days)
Internet Only10 MbpsKshs. 2,799
Internet Only20 MbpsKshs. 4,199
Internet Only60 MbpsKshs. 5,999
Lightning Fast50MbpsKshs. 6,839

In addition, Zuku has triple play packages that come with internet access, a Digital TV subscription, and a home phone.

You reach Zuku via Contact: 0205 22 22 22. Zuku internet payments are made via Mpesa only to 320320.

The internet service provider is in Nairobi, Mombasa, Kisumu, Nakuru and surrounding areas. Check if your residential area has Zuku coverage here.

Home Internet Tripple Play
Zuku’s Tripple Play

Vilcom Fibre Solutions

A relatively new entrant, Vilcom covers parts of Nairobi, Kajiado, Kiambu and Nakuru counties

Fibre packagesSpeedsPrice (30 days)
Internet Only8 MbpsKshs. 2,800
Internet Only15 MbpsKshs. 3,800
Internet Only30 MbpsKshs. 4,999
Internet Only60MbpsKshs. 9,499

Dumatel Home Plans

Fibre packagesSpeedsPrice (30 days)
Konnect5 MbpsKshs. 2,199
Super Fast10 MbpsKshs. 3,799
Pepea15 MbpsKshs. 4,999
Noma25 MbpsKshs. 7,699
Mwewe45 MbpsKshs. 10,999

Get in touch with Dumatel via 0717 888222. They provide free Wi-Fi router and will have you connected within 48hrs after payment.

Internet Service Provider Choice

The internet is part of our daily lives. When choosing an ISP for your home connectivity, cost is a factor. Hence, once must chose the package that meets their needs and is affordable to them.

Availability is also important, downtimes can be detrimental especially if you are from home.

Definitely, check out reviews from other consumers and ask friends andneighbours before making a choice. It could be a choice of a lifetime.


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