Twitter’s New Ad Product Aims to Make Publishers and Advertisers Collaborate

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Twitter heavily relies on ads for revenue and it seems like a rational place to saturate your ad offerings to obtain the maximum revenue possible.

Twitter today has announced the ability for advertisers to have Sponsored Moments. Moments are the type of story format which includes a collection of posts that are curated by users that share a common theme, and it is a great way to enjoy related content at one go.

“Now advertisers can sponsor Moments from premium content partners and reach audiences at scale while they view the content they are most passionate about,” they explained in a blog post. These Sponsored Moments will include tweets from the brand as well as a branded cover. Advertisers will be able to promote the Moment to their target audience.

Twitter has been beta testing this feature with select partners and now they are rolling out Sponsored Moments globally. A good example of how these would look like is by the one done by Bloomberg and Bank of America

The goal of Sponsored Moments (which are part of In-Stream Sponsorships) is to facilitate a scenario where brands know what exactly they are working with. which leads to deeper brand integrations with the partner. According to Twitter, it will allow publishers to do what they do best: produce and tell stories about events.

We will have to see how this new ad offering will affect Twitter’s future fortune and they have to innovate fast. Facebook for example has been slowly saturating their ad offerings with huge benefits judging from their quarterly reports.