Safaricom Introduces “Unlimited” Home Data Bundles Alongside 50% Price Cut

Safaricom DTIB

Safaricom DTIBSafaricom has announced a 53% price cut on their Home data bundles offering. The price cut has been implemented through the introduction of new bundles, Easy30 and Easy50 at Ksh.3,500 for 30 GB and Ksh.6,000 for 50 GB respectively.

The Easy30 bundle has a validity period of 30 days while the Easy50 bundle extends the validity period to 45 days. Customers will also have the ability to roll over any unused bundles by purchasing additional bundles, however, those who exhaust their bundles before the end of the validity period, they will still be able to access the internet, at capped speeds of 256 kbps and at no additional cost until the end of the period – seemingly making the data bundles “unlimited”.

“The new Easy Bundles have been designed with the needs of the modern Kenyan family in mind. In addition, the affordability of the Easy data bundles will supplement our nationwide 4G coverage ensuring that each home now has access to world-class, quality, high-speed broadband,” said Joseph Ogutu, Director – Strategy, Safaricom.

Besides the Easy30 and Easy50 packages, customers on the BIGBox or Safaricom Digital Internet and TV Box can also purchase a 15 GB bundle at a Ksh.3,199 and a 5 GB bundle at Ksh.1,199, both of which are valid for 30 days.

Two things to note, Safaricom Home data bundles is not the same as Safaricom Home Fibre. The Home data bundles are a mobile broadband offering that is exclusively available through the new Safaricom Digital Internet and TV Box and the Safaricom BIGBox. So anyone without any of these two devices will not be eligible for the bundles.


  1. Sorry Safaricom, to lure me back you need to go lower. Easy30 can get me 75gb monthly + additional 15gb weekly on Faiba, i dont mind streaming Netflix via HDMI cable. Remember that am not limited here like you are doing, lol. pass.

    • Hehe that’s effectively 3 times the safaricom data if you go for Faiba, and faiba so far has been great if not better than saf in terms of quality.

  2. Saruni this artical is not clear. Is 3,500 the new price or they are going to decrease the 3500 by 53% ?

  3. I get 15 GB for 500 from Faiba JTL. Those new to Android TV must resist using the YouTube app and instead use the browser to access YouTube. This way you can adjust Video Quality to 480p.
    YouTube videos play at their recorded settings by default.
    Many being HD and 4K will drain 2 GB data on a single video.
    Faiba 4G is the way to go.

  4. Just when i thought the “swearing in” was a disappointment, here comes another one. 3,500 KES for 30GB in 2018 is a joke.

  5. Not exactly unlimited after you reach the data cap,256kbps in 2018 , misdirection marketing a classic safaricom move, the mere mention of kbps in this age is pathetic it reminds me of early 2000 when we used dial up connections 😂

  6. Quick question; if I buy the easy30, will I be able to get unlimited internet at the speed you mentioned above for one month for just 3500?

  7. […] There are customers who do not have FTTH or any other Wi-Fi solution but may need the Big Box 2 for home entertainment. This demographic can slot in a SIM card into the Big Box 2 (I doubt competitors’ SIM cards will work) and enjoy the services of Home Data Bundles that are discussed in detail on this post. […]

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