Unpaid Kenyan Web Developer Leaves Client the Ultimate Message


Sometime back, I compared Kenyan developers’ behaviours to those of tailors and it was interesting to see the number of people who agreed with my comparison. However, it was brought to my attention that there are some clients who are bad as well and drive developers crazy and here’s a possible case of such.

In something that is now becoming some type of trend with web developers, one Kenyan developer, Charles Makori, took down a client’s website and left quite the message on the client’s domain after what he alleges to be the failure to meet the payment requirement by the client.

As per Makori’s message, the client, Greentouch Landscapers, had not paid him and thus he resulted in taking down the website and in its place leaving the bold message, “THIS WEBSITE IS NOT UNDER MAINTENANCE. PAY THE WEB DEVELOPER. YOU HAVE MY NUMBER,” but that’s not it. Makori went ahead and added Rihanna’s Bitch Better Have My Money music video on the page, as the last hammer to his message. Unfortunately, by the time of press, the said message had already been taken down.

Charles Makori Message

After having a good laugh, we decided to find out exactly how the website that Charles Makori developed looked like and we were surprised. We don’t know what the agreement between the client and the developer was, neither do we know what the job description was but to say that the website was poorly done is an understatement. Like seriously, who uses Adobe Flash Player in 2018? And that font!

Greentouch website

According to a WhoIs lookup, the domain www.greentouchlandscapers.com was first registered back in 2014 March and was recently renewed in January of this year. Assuming that the client stayed with such a website for so long, then maybe they were satisfied with the work done.

However, Charles Makori’s business website claims that they deliver 7-star world-class cutting-edge solutions but the only seven stars Greentouch Landscapers’ website manages to get is being an eye-sore.