Uber Suspends Operations in Morocco Due to Regulations

uber morocco

uber morocco

Uber aims to be the ride sharing platform of choice to users worldwide and that is why they keep expanding to more locations. However since they are operating a relatively new business model which regulation is yet to keep up and traditional taxi market became disrupted.

This has led to a situation where in some locations, Uber is forced to suspend their operations and the latest one is in Morocco.

From an official blogpost, Uber announced that they have made the decision to suspend their activity in Morocco. “The current regulatory uncertainty does not allow us to provide a safe and reliable experience that meets the requirements of our customers, both drivers and passengers,” Uber explained in the post. ” So as long there is no real reform and an environment conducive to new mobility solutions, we are forced to suspend our operations this week.”

In the country, Uber revealed that 300 drivers use their app and 19,000 users regularly use the service. Thanks to this decision, they have also decided to provide financial assistance to the 300 Uber drivers in the country during this ‘difficult transition’.

However, Uber still maintains that they still want to be present in the African country. They have said that they will be ready to come back as soon as the new rules are in place.

One of Uber’s biggest problems is the regulation and the case in Morocco is not new. Uber also halted its services in Finland and Norway to wait for regulation framework to change.