This is How Social Networking Sites Would Look Like If They Were Locations

instagram and snapchat locations
via Behance

We have had social networking sites for over a decade now and they have shaped how we communicate with each other. In the past, we were limited to sending letters and making phone calls, but now, we can instantly communicate via a plethora of apps.

Although initially social networking apps were geared for people to communicate, but they have been quickly turned into avenues where people can show how vain they are. People have found ways to express themselves via the various social networks we have currently and this artist wanted to highlight them.

Mike Campau created a gallery on Behance named Antisocial where he illustrated how social networking sites would be if they were locations.

“Social Media is starting to get some pull back, and rightfully so. Each platform has it’s own problems, but all have had a large impact on society as a whole, both good and bad,” he says. “Each image takes place in an empty parking lot which is a symbol of our singularly isolated posts, but placed in a location where it can be easily seen by many,” 

Here is how Instagram would look like if it was a location (so vain)

via Behance

Snapchat with its philosophy of letting people only share posts that expire within a day was also featured too

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That description of Facebook is incredibly apt. The reaction emojis was a nice touch.

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Twitter is one loud place and the description about a place where people air political views and memes is dead on.

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LinkedIn is an odd location

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Finally Behance where this collection is from and he trolled it.

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