WhatsApp Gets High Priority Notifications, Dismissing Admins

whatsapp priority notifications dismissing admins

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The beta channel for WhatsApp is usually the best place to get the latest updates on the social network that will be effected to everyone.

The latest update on the beta channel on WhatsApp gives you control over your notifications and it is called high priority notifications.

On the beta Android app (ver 2.18.117), when you enable high priority notifications, your notifications will be pinned on top of the notification centre in chronological order. This works like the chat pinning feature we have had on WhatsApp for a while now which allows you to pin your favourite chats at the top of the pile so that you can get to them easier.

High priority notifications can be enabled for private chats as well as groups and you can do that within settings. This feature only works with Android phones that have Lollipop or higher, so if you are like me, bad luck!

This will be very helpful in situations where you want to keep up with messages that are pouring in your chats and groups, which could get lost within the barrage of notifications a typical user gets.

Also for iOS (ver 2.18.41) and Android users (web users), you will also be able to dismiss admins. In older versions when an admin promoted a participant as an admin, in order to remove the parson, they had to remove him/her from the group then add them add them back again. This new feature is present under the Group Info section in both of the apps.


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