World’s Toughest Screen Protector by X-One Now Available in Kenya

X One

X OneThe amount of money we invest in cellular gadgets is huge. This is because phones are packing more features as years go by, and those features are given to us at a premium. While it can be argued that mobile phone innovation has stalled (we are yet to see groundbreaking features in a while), these handhelds continue to make our professional lives easier, as well as entertaining us.

Manufacturers are aware of stunted creativity in this department, which is why they try to stay relevant by improving the aesthetical allure of their devices. The formula continues to work as more people demand ‘premium’ phones. As a result, a sea of devices with glass rears have flooded the market (your high-end Galaxy, Apple phone or G/V series device by LG has a thin frame sandwiched by glass on both sides). This has led to difficulties in ensuring that such devices stay pristine or are not subject to an early death due to accidental drops. Remember, these phones cost a lot of money, and people buy them for long-term use.

It is for these reasons that people seek the services of screen protectors and cases. Personally, my cheap phone lives in a jelly case that has done a fine job in keeping the phone clean for over 12 months. Some opt for glass-like screen protectors (since a screen is the most vulnerable part of a mobile handheld), which vary from good quality to utter garbage replacements that either compromises operations or some that break/scratch before their return of value can be realized.

We had a chat with Dominic Mumo of Cream Concepts Limited, a company that has been granted a franchise to deal in the sale and distribution of X-One products in Kenya. Mr. Dominic says the company was motivated to fill a gap in a market that lacks quality phone accessories. Secondly, the company aims to address economic concerns where users who buy low-quality accessories purchase the same product again and again. This behaviour is wrongly justified by the cheap price those products attract. In the end, people end up spending more on substandard parts, without realizing the value of paying more for a superior accessory.

Dominic Mumo
Dominic Mumo, Representative – Cream Concepts Ltd, a franchised dealer of X-One accessories

In a bid to counter the plight of customers who perennially fall victim of bad accessories, Cream Concepts sells several products that have been scientifically proved to survive accidental drops or impact.

X-One Extreme Shock Eliminator  

The company’s primary accessory is a screen protector called Extreme Shock Eliminator. The product, which was tested in our Techweez offices, demonstrated extreme resilience in withstanding controlled torture while protecting a device’s screen.

“The X-One screen protector instills confidence and freedom for customers. As such, they can use their devices without the fear of shattering them in case of an accidental drop,” says Mr. Mumo.

X-One Drop Guard Cases

Available in three colours (tint, clear and pink-ish), the drop guard is no ordinary phone case. While ordinary cases, like my clear jelly case enhance grip on slippery phones, the Drop Guard takes it a step further by protecting a phone in all fronts: it fits just like a traditional case, thus protecting the back (which has lips too). On its front are protruding but subtle lips that ensure your device does not lie flat on a surface to attract dust or scratches. Perhaps the most important protection feat of the guard is its thick edges at the four corners that are reinforced with extra shock-resistant materials.

In terms of build quality, the Drop Guard is sturdy enough to guarantee safety even for people who ordinarily do not like protecting their phones. The accessory’s popularity has also been backed up by successful drop tests (5 meters off the ground).

X1 Poducts
Cream Concepts Accessories

This handy product is available for high-end devices from Samsung (S8/+, S9/+and Note 8) and Apple (from iPhone 5 and above).

There is an advanced drop guard that has artistic markings on its rear for those who may need additional customizability. However, it is only available for Galaxy S8/iPhone 7 and up.

Ultra Crystal Clear Screen Protector

Some of you may be aware that Korean phone manufacturer, Samsung, started experimenting with curved screens with the Note 4 Edge and Galaxy S6 edge a three years ago. As in 2018, virtually all high-end Samsug phones are equipped with pretty, curved screens. However, it has been a challenge to find a fitting screen protector does not affect the sensitivity of the edge screen and blends with a curved design.

The ultra-crystal clear screen solves this issue.

“This product is better than any protector in the market. Furthermore, it covers a phone all the way to the back without getting into the way of the user experience,” adds Mr. Mumo.

In fact, the protector can be used alongside a drop guard or back cover without peeling off.

X-One Confidential

Available only for the iPhones (6 and up), this accessory, which also incorporates anti-shock protection and full back protection, is handy for people who want to keep their smartphone activities away from prying eyes of people around them.

X1 ConfidentialIn my opinion, this is the most exciting product as I cannot count the number of times I have had to stop using my phone simply because people around me were stealing glances on my screen.


Drop Guard (transparent) costs KES 2,499.

Drop Guard 2 with extra features and custom markings costs KES 3,500. This is only available for the Note 9

Drop Guard 3 costs Kshs 4,500 and the Dropguard Pro costs Kshs 3,500

Extreme Shock Eliminator will set you back KES 2,500.

X-One Confidential attracts a KES 3,500 fee.

Availability and Location

For the moment, the stock for the following devices is available:


J4 Plus
J5 pro
S6 edge
S6 edge Plus
S7 edge
S8 Plus
S9 Plus
S10 Plus
Note 8
Note 9
Note 10
Note 10 Plus

iPhones are Available in 3 categories: 2.5 D, full screen & full screen with privacy/ confidential

iPhone 6
iPhone 6plus
iPhone 7
iPhone 7plus
iPhone 8
iPhone 8 plus
iPhone x
iPhone xs
iPhone XS max
iPhone XR
iPhone 11
iPhone 11pro
iPhone 11pro max

F11 pro
Find X

P9 lite
P10 lite
P20 lite
P30 lite
Mate 10
Mate 10 pro
Mate 20
Mate 20 pro
Y7 prime
Y9 (2019)
Y9 prime

Nokia 3.2
Nokia 4.2
Nokia 5
Nokia 5.1
Nokia 6
Nokia 6.1
Nokia 6.1 plus
Nokia 7
Nokia 7 plus
Nokia 8

One Plus
OnePlus 3
OnePlus 3t
OnePlus 5
OnePlus 5t
OnePlus 7
OnePlus 7pro

iPad mini
iPad 2
iPad air
iPad Pro 10.5
iPad Pro 11
iPad Pro 12.9
iPad pro 12.9 (2019)

Apart from the company’s website and Jumia at X-One East Africa Shop, these accessories can also be purchased in two locations in Sarit (opposite Carrefour and next to Safaricom shop), the Hub, TRM and Ananas Mall as well as Ideal shop at Skymall Parklands, sell the accessories.

You can check the video of the products linked below.


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