iTunes is Now Available on the Microsoft Store

iTunes Microsoft Windows Store

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Before the introduction of the Microsoft Store, we used to either download or load apps from removable media (CDs/DVDs/flash drives). However with the introduction of the app store thanks to the mobile revolution, Microsoft also saw the need to have a dedicated app store, but has not fared well since not a lot of apps people use have not been ported over.

Last year, Microsoft released the Fall Creators Update which included one cool update: Full Universal Windows Platform support. This means that Microsoft would add popular apps like AutoDesk Sketchbook and iTunes to the Windows Store. We have been waiting for iTunes to be added since then and now they have finally done it.

This is not a big deal for those people who have the full blown Windows since they can still use the normal download from Apple, but this will apply well to those people who have Windows 10S. Windows 10 S is the version of Windows where downloads that are not sourced from the Windows Store are restricted, so this will work well with that demographic.

screenshot of iTunes on Windows Store

iTunes on the Windows Store is a 476 MB download (the usual download link from Apple is smaller) and it requires you to have Windows 10 version 16299.0 as the minimum.


This new iTunes seems to be exactly the same as what we are used to. Interesting enough while installing, it requested to uninstall the iTunes application I had installed.

You can download iTunes from the Windows Store here