This is the Strangest Twitter Account You’ll Ever Meet

@ twitter account

Twitter has over 336 million active users and everytime we get to see weird accounts popping up: Some thanks to memes and others are just fun bots. However, this next one is something I never thought someone would make and it capitalizes on a beloved Twitter idiosyncrasy.

On Twitter, if you wanted to mention someone, you have to use the ‘@’ symbol followed by their handle (their Twitter username). This system is simple and effective and we have seen it being employed on other social networks like Telegram, WhatsApp and Messenger.

Usually when someone comes up with a Twitter username (‘handle’), it is usually denoted by a @ symbol then the name. This appears when you mention someone or on the person’s profile. However, someone opened an account where its handle is the actual symbol ‘@’ and thanks to it, it bears some strange qualities.

As described by Vsauce, thanks to its unique Twitter handle, you cannot link their tweets, retweet them or go to their profile. When you tap on their handle, it doesn’t direct you to the profile and instead Twitter redirects you to your homepage. The account can tweet you but you can’t tweet it back and thus it is the weirdest Twitter account you can ever find right now.

At the time of ‘discovery’, it had a couple of followers, but thanks to the expose, its Twitter following has ballooned to over 12 thousand and rising. Some people even thought it was Vsauce’s account since it followed him only initially

Nevertheless, this has to be the coolest account ever on Twitter and it actually exposes a flaw on Twitter where people could actually create an account with a username based on a critical symbol Twitter uses.