S9 vs RMAWhen Samsung launched their 2018 flagship, the company spoke of how they had reimagined the camera. True to it, the company had made some neat tweaks to the cameras on the Galaxy S9 to seemingly make it a worthy upgrade from last year’s Galaxy S8.

These tweaks include adding the world’s first dual aperture lens on a smartphone – giving the S9 the ability to have human iris-like features where the lens opens wide in darkness to let in more light and narrows in brightness to control the light intake, adding a secondary lens on the larger S9 Plus, Super SlowMo video recording at 960 frames per second that stretches two seconds of video into six seconds of playback and even some gimmicks such as AREmoji, which is Samsung’s version of Animoji.

During my time with the Galaxy S9, I took a short visit to RMA Motors Kenya, the current home of Jaguar Landrover. While at RMA, I paced the S9 against some of RMA’s finest cars. Some of the photos we took, were shot in either pro mode, where we could tweak things like the ISO and Exposure to create the scenery we wanted or shot in auto mode and let the S9 do its magic in processing the images. We also took some videos to test the sound recording quality and optical image stabilization.

To say that we were impressed by the results would be an understatement. The S9 really does hold up a fight as one of the best smartphone cameras that we have seen this year yet. Below is the video that showcases RMA’s luxury cars lineup through the lens of the Samsung Galaxy S9: