Court Among Options Content Creators Consider Following Online Video Licensing Rule

bake ezekiel mutua kfcb

Today, the Kenya Film and Classification Board (KFCB) issued a controversial statement on Twitter, which gave requirements on what you need to pay for filming in Kenya. They specified charges for shooting documentaries, full length feature films, per day filming fees and more.

However, the controversy came when KFCB’s chairman, Dr Ezekiel Mutua, was quoted as saying that any film made in Kenya for public exhibition or sale must be licensed.

This led to an uproar on social media, specifically on Twitter where people voiced their concerns over the idea that any film made in Kenya for public exhibition must be licensed.

This of course is an issue about interpretation of the law and the Bloggers Association of Kenya (BAKE) commented about this issue.

“BAKE is concerned that the CEO and the Board are misusing their legal mandate to classify films in the country,” BAKE said on their blog post. “We raise the concern not only following the directive but also in general conduct of the CEO’s statements especially on social media seeking to control morals in the country,” James Wamathai, BAKE’s Director of Partnerships

“As an institution that promotes online creators, we have written to Dr Mutua to provide clarification on the public notice,” they said. “We intend on seeking judicial interpretation not only on the public notice, but also on the interpretation of what constitutes a film. The definition as currently made in the Act and erroneously and selfishly interpreted by the Board and the CEO cannot continue unchallenged.”

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