1. Some of the MIFI’s have serious issues, especially in powering up and down and the LED lighting sequence is not very intuitive. Am on my third MIFI, i had the first one “exchanged” at Jamii towers, but what i got was an old used device that probably had been returned as well. The second one also had problems, i sought to have it fixed or exchanged but was taken through an obscure time wasting process that needs to have the device booked at some service center in westlands. Not having time to waste, i bought another one that is still not working as expected. Either am a very unlucky person or there is a batch of faulty devices in the market. I have now decided to directly import the Huawei E5573 which is unlocked and should work on all the 4 major data providers, 3G and 4G. This MIFI is not something i can recommend for a serious data user or one with mission critical projects that depend on data. I would rather they go for the modem. Faiba definitely has very good offerings on data and some steps in the onboarding process are excellent (like SIM registration and number selection)but they need to step up on quality control of the devices in the market and have support staff who are not as clueless as fish out of water.

    • Just a quick one. Did you manage to get the unlocked MiFi and how’s it serving you? What are the average/typical download and upload speeds with the unlocked version?

      • Got the unlocked MiFi, works much better. If you want to get Faiba, get it for its low cost and not for speeds. The speeds are okay for the average internet user (i get up to 4Mbps download and 3 – 10Mbps upload), they are nothing that you can’t get from Airtel, Safaricom or Telkom but it’s cost has no competitor. Also note the service takes a dip in the evening, probably the honeymoon phase is over.

        • what do you mean by this comment “Also note the service takes a dip in the evening, probably the honeymoon phase is over.”

  2. I have the modem and enjoy the fact that it only needs a power source.. so currently plugged into my radio’s usb spot and has good speed and unbeatable bundles

  3. One question…can I torrent on either? I had Zuku for the longest time but they are taking ages to install in our new building.

  4. Kindly explain to me the level of connectivity countrywide? is Mifi able to provide internet in the Bunduz,because that is my area of operation

  5. but didnt i hear that you can only use mifi if u live a distance of four kilometres from where the installers are? is it true

  6. I wish to know the areas where network coverage is weak in Murang’a county before I buy these gadgets.
    secondly: what is the price of a Faiba Set Top Box, and, how does it operate ?

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