Pay-As-You-Go Market Research Tool, Google Survey Launches in Kenya

Google Survey

Google SurveyGoogle Survey, a business product that facilitates customized market research has finally launched in Kenya. The service, which launched back in March 2012 was initially available in US, UK and Canada but slowly expanded its horizons to cover more ground.

At inception, Google Survey was designed as an alternative to internet paywalls or websites that publish content. Instead of readers paying to access the content, they would fill out a survey and in return get access to that premium content for free.

Google aims to give Kenyan companies and businesses a platform to easily create online and mobile surveys to help them make more informed business and marketing decisions with the launch of the service. Google Survey’s proposition is its affordability and flexibility in creating surveys. The surveys support over 10 question types, including Single answer, multiple answers, Open-ended and more.

Businesses will be charged a minimum of $0.10 per complete question in each survey, with the price going up to $10 per complete question if one uses targeted customers and longer survey questions.

According to Google, use cases for the Google Survey service include:

  • Brand insights tracking – monitoring consumer opinion on a brand
  • Consumer research – understanding consumer demands, behaviours and preferences
  • Core Ad effectiveness measurement – using Google’s user targeting tools to reach the right people at the right time during a campaign

Alongside the premium service, Google will also be offering a free website satisfaction surveys for content creators through a set of pre-set generic questions. Additionally, publishers can also publish surveys on their sites as it was initially intended. With this model, publishers will earn $0.05 per response.


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