Reasons Why Regular Database Backup Is Important


Have you ever worked on a project then when you are so close to completion, something happens, and that 100-page document is nowhere to be found? Words cannot explain how frustrating it can be. Not only will it bestow stress upon you at the thought of starting it all over again, but also could cause you significant losses especially if it is business related data.

Data is of vital importance to a business. Data reflect on the facts and figures that companies handle every day. For instance, a call centre will have all calls dealt with taken into record. Single day data may not mean much to the business, but a collection of calls handled in a given month can provide meaningful information such as significant trends when analysed.

As the business world becomes more dynamic with time, organisations have put into perspective the importance of data analysis. It is for this particular reason that managers have to depend on data to make informed decisions in the organisations.

According to researchers from the University of Texas in a study conducted in 2012, employment of effective methods of converting data into applicable Business Intelligent (BI) can greatly increase the returns of a business. Protection of data for that reason means a lot to business owners.  It explains why most companies choose to devote their resources to having reliable data management systems like MySQL automated backups in place.

Why is regular database backup vital?

  1. Security

The first benefit of a database back up is that the data is stored in a physically safe location. How is the said security achieved? There are software tools that encrypt the data at both software and hardware levels. That means that no one can neither access the data nor manipulate it.

  1. Reduced workload

Can you imagine the amount of time manual backing up of data can take? You would be surprised to learn that it can take days, weeks or months depending on the volume of data. Remember that someone has to be paid to do that job. Regular database backup is automated; you will be spared from the pressure of having to set some time aside from your busy schedule to do manual transfer to a USB drive or a CD. The backup will save your time and any annoyance that comes with last minute hassle of backing up your data.

  1. Reliability

With remote database backup, you can have your data saved as often as you would like. All you need to do is set the time and date you need it done: be it on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. More so, since it is done via the internet, you can always retrieve your files any time you want and promptly.

  1. Risk mitigation

Last but not least, it is a way of mitigating risk. Your data is at a chance of being damaged by a virus, software malfunction and power outage to mention a few. Regularly backing up your data will save you the adverse effects of losing valuable data.

Disaster can strike at the most unexpected time that is where database backup comes into play. Avoid seeing your business go down the drains because of loss of data by having it backed up more often.

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