7 Ways to Immediately Improve Your Google Rankings

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If you want to improve your visibility on Google, you have to implement the proper SEO practices. However, that alone does not guarantee that your site will rank higher than others on Google. Why? Google keeps updating its algorithm, meaning that you have to keep changing your SEO strategies to stay ahead of your competition. Digital marketers are taking SEO strategies on a more serious note so that they can be impressed by their rankings when they log on to https://serpbook.com. If you are looking for ways to immediately improve your Google rankings, this article will list seven effective ones.

1.      Create high-quality and relevant content

If you would like to improve your Google rankings instantly, you have to ensure that you create high-quality content in each of your posts. That notwithstanding, it has to be relevant to your target audience. With such content, users will spend more time on your site. Usually, the dwell time – time users spend on your site, impacts your SEO rankings. It is advisable to create content that ranges between 1500 and 2500 words. The longer the content is, the more value you can provide on each page. Also, ensure that your content has high ranking keywords. It helps improve your SEO rankings on Google.

2.      Improve your page load speed

Google’s algorithm considers page load speed when it is ranking websites. Therefore, if you want your website to rank high on Google, you have to optimize page load speed. Besides Google bots prioritizing a site whose pages load faster, users also tend to prefer pages with faster load speeds. As the adage says, time is money, and nobody is willing to wait for minutes for a single page to load. You should ensure to remove all non-essential things on your site to optimize the user experience and boost your Google rankings.

3.      Keyword research

As you create quality content for your target audience, you also need to carry out keyword research. Keywords are a critical factor in Google rankings, and you need to ensure that you use the keywords that are highly relevant in your field and those that generate more search engine traffic. Therefore, before you start writing any content, make sure that you have a list of relevant keywords. It should not be a hectic process because there is a tool such as Google Keyword Planner, which helps you find the relevant keywords. It is also advisable to use long tail keywords to make it easier for users to find your site.

4.      Have an excellent link building plan

Another way to improve your Google rankings is by having a proper link building strategy. Backlinks contribute a lot to getting higher rankings. And Google will prioritize your site if you have high-quality backlinks. Keep in mind that low-quality backlinks will only reduce your rankings. You should only source your backlinks from authoritative sites. You could get them after interviewing influencers and looking at the backlinks your competitors are using.

5.      Go for mobile-first indexing

As a site owner or digital marketer, you might have noticed the rate with which mobile users have increased. In fact, we are sure you have a mobile device yourself. As a result, you need to optimize your site to be mobile-friendly if you want high Google rankings. Moreover, in 2016, Google started using mobile-first indexing for all search rankings. Sites that are mobile-friendly are now prioritized on Google. And if you haven’t taken steps to optimize yours, you should. It will help to boost your Google rankings quickly.

6.      Make use of social media

Another way to immediately improve your Google rankings is by ensuring that you have a social media presence. Today, there are billions of social media users on some of the most popular social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. These platforms promote brand awareness, allowing more users to interact with your site. When Google is ranking websites, it has to look at the way a site is engaging with its users. To gain this recognition, you have to create high-quality content and ensure that you share it with your followers.

7.      Fix broken links

Last but not least, you have to fix broken links on your site if you want to boost your Google rankings. Broken links are links that display a 404 error when a user clicks on them. If your website has many broken links, Google might consider your site neglected, reducing your ranking. Therefore, you have to fix them as soon as you can. Fortunately, there are tools such as Google Webmaster Tool that help you find the broken links, enabling you to fix them.


Getting high Google rankings is every site owner’s dream, don’t you agree? And to achieve top position, you have to implement the SEO strategies indicated in this article. Most importantly, ensure to optimize the user experience.

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