Samsung Galaxy Note 9The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 dubbed, the most powerful note ever, has officially been launched in Kenya. The Note 9 brings a lot of what we saw last year with the Note 8 with the much-needed improvements; such a larger battery and a better implementation of their proprietary DeX experience, on top of a better fingerprint reader implementation.

It’s not only the price tag on the Note 9 that is living large, this year’s Note comes with a minimum of 128GB of internal storage, with a larger 512GB model coming in the future. That enlarged battery packs 4000mAh capacity that Samsung says will last you the whole day. The S-Pen has also received a spice of improvements, it now features Bluetooth Low Energy technology that allows one to use it as a remote control on the Note 9.

As with the previous iteration of the S-Pen stylus, key functionalities like taking notes, navigating the UI and off-screen memos have been maintained with the addition of remote control functions such as taking photos, sketching – thanks to the pen’s enhanced sensitivity, and even using the pen as a clicker during presentations in DeX mode.

Touching on Dex, the whole dock has been substituted with a simple HDMI cable that one simply hooks up to any display and fires up DeX mode on the Note 9. Other features of the Galaxy Note 9 as a 6.4-inch display, 6GB RAM, Exynos 9810 processor, Dual 12MP lenses with that dual aperture that we saw last year but now with the all-glorious AI built into it.

1000 Dollar Phone

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Front

The Note 9 is a 1000 dollar smartphone and despite your emotions on the rising cost of smartphones, the Kes.105,000 ask for the Note 9 is not a huge amount for everyone but just in case you need a bit of help getting it, Barclays will be offering Galaxy Note 9 customers credit via the banks credit card. Barclays bank said that they already received a significant number of requests during the pre-order period, how significant this number is, still remains a mystery.

Samsung, however, revealed that they had set a pre-order target of 700 devices that was well met and surpassed. We also have reliable information that the company received well over 800 pre-orders for the Galaxy Note – let that sink in but as consolation, this was all before fuel prices hit a high of 127 bob per litre.


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