4 Undervalued Marketing Tools


Marketing is a vicious circle of advertising and finding the right clients. It is an important department in every business. The marketing team is chosen wisely in every business because a lot of sales depends on the method of marketing chosen. You do not have to spend too much money on a marketer nowadays, there are various marketing tools that can help you create an efficient plan for promotional activities. There have been various issues regarding the entry of an entrepreneur which you can overcome simply by using some easy-to-use marketing tools which are either cheap or free.

From a plethora of marketing tools, some are quite popular and always preferred over others. But this does not mean that the other underrated marketing tools are not good enough. Here, we will provide you with a few underrated marketing tools that are equally good and useful.

Marketing Tools Categories

Marketing tools have been categorized under various categories. These categories have been expanding over the years. Yet there are some which are the most important. You will find many marketing tools based on these categories because these are the main required stuff in marketing. The main categories are:


It is the short form for Search engine optimization. This form of marketing helps to add certain keywords or elements which are the most searched on any search engine. Each search engine has different set of terms and the marketing must be optimized according to that.


To analyze whether the marketing strategies used were successful or not. There are various programs that can help you achieve the same. It is quite essential to the company because analytics help is evaluating the initiatives taken and if any change is needed or not.

Automated marketing

Digitization has entered the marketing world and has brought in some changes. Firstly, automated processes have been initiated to makes things easier and better. This helps in cutting the cost that goes into manual labor. The team will consist of less but more talented people. Various tools help exist that can automate the marketing processes and do things for you quite effectively.

Social media

Social media has become one of the best platforms to advertise and promote your services. It is free, or you might have to pay very less amount of money to do a few promotional tasks. Also, social media is the easiest way to reach billions of people simultaneously. There are various tools that help in social media management. They help in scheduling posts, analyzing the likes and dislikes, manages campaigns, and automatically posts for you.


You need to optimize each marketing move. In this department, you need to take various steps at once because you must advertise your product in various places. But you cannot create a chaos in the marketing world. There is strong competition everywhere. Every step must be measured and optimized with each other in marketing.

Underrated marketing tools

There are many unsung heroes on the web which can help in marketing. Because they are not popular and not so expensive doesn’t mean they cannot be used. There are several companies using these tools and are happy with their services. These kinds of solutions, such as free landing page creator, some analytics tools or content-checkers provide useful functionality along with low (or no) costs, which makes them a perfect choice for beginners or a great way to test them before going all-in. Of course, you should not believe at ones but there is no harm in using their free version. Let us go through the list together:


It is an application that helps the people to design and create during their marketing venture. Creativity is something that doesn’t come naturally in most people, but marketing demands creativity.
Again, human mind is a mess sometimes and comes up with weird non-acceptable ideas in the name of creativity. Therefore, Canva helps in creating designs that are optimized and relevant to the business marketing venture. They have a stock full of images and infographics ready to be used.

Google Analytics

Google analytics provides free and accurate results of marketing analytics. Many businesses do not use it for reasons unknown. If you are trying to optimize blogs, and other such marketing initiatives, Google analytics will be the best.

It will also help you in search engine optimizations and keep you updated with the latest developments. They also provide details regarding the audience like their location, which sites do they visit, and where do they go after visiting your website. Also, number of people who becomes customers from audience is also specified. This helps in understanding whether the marketing strategy is useful to the company or not.


It is an email signature generator for your business. Email marketing is an old and known method of marketing. Emails without an email signature is a waste of time, energy, and money. You must have your email signature ready when you decide to do email marketing. You have the choice of either creating it yourself or get it done online. NEWOLDSTAMP has a record of creating signatures that are professional, convincing, and attractive. A team of professionals who have created such digital signatures for many other companies make one for your too. Several packages are available according to your need.


It is another underrated marketing tool that measures the client activity on your website. They do so by counting the number of clicks, scrolls, and the number of purchases. Hotjar is mostly associated with the activity on the landing page of the website. Special features like real customer feedbacks and tests results given by the user himself/herself are available. They have several services like heat mappings, recordings, and surveys. These polls and surveys are done by the people themselves.


Those were some good applications or websites which can be used as your marketing buddy. You need to open your eyes instead of completely relying on “the most used” or “the most popular”. These apps/services are way cheaper than the others and have more features. Characteristics like usability and quality is what they strive for. You may just try these tools first before paying anything because some apps turn out to be fraudulent ones. Go ahead and get some nicer tools ready for you next marketing activity.


  1. Nice article and I fully agree with you that you do not need to chase such concepts as “the best” and need to look for an application or software that is necessary and suitable for you at the moment, there are a huge number of them and often they have features that are not in the “the best” and often they are cheaper.

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