Damu-Sasa, A Digital Blood Services Firm, Partners with Amref to Ease Blood Availability



The Presidential Digital Talent Program (PDTP) was an ambitious program that went live back in 2015. Over time, the platform has seen the graduation of several youth groups that have successfully leveraged its offerings to grow into full-blown and serviceable digital businesses.

One of PDTP’s success group announced a key milestone in early October 2018. Dubbed Damu-Sasa, the product signed a MoU with Amref Health Africa and Advanced IT Solutions (AISL) to scale up blood availability in hospitals.

This development means that blood supply programs will be supported by an enhanced Blood Services Information Management System that was developed by the mentioned PDTD beneficiary.

According to the firm, the system was created to modernize the blood service chain via a series of features such as maintaining an accurate donor databank that allows prompt donation appeals during emergencies, ensuring real-time observation of blood level fluctuations and improving real-time reporting.

Furthermore, Damu-Sasa says that it purposes to enhance information sharing that should, by extension, bolster collaboration similar businesses in the blood services business, hence making their management an efficient exercise.

The MoU aims to advance the features of the universal health coverage agenda. For instance, Amref Health Africa is said to give support to AISL by pushing the new product, develop health-based content and promoted associated advocacy. On the other hand, AISL will concentrate on popularizing Damu-Sasa.

According to Dr. Elizabeth Wala who serves as Amref’s Programme Director for Health Systems Strengthening, the partnership will markedly help in ensuring patients have access to blood in times of need.

“Sourcing, distribution, and management of blood services present various challenges in the country such as unforeseen blood shortfalls; ad-hoc blood appeals during emergencies; limited real-time reporting; limited real-time blood traceability and hampered collaboration between transfusing facilities. This partnership will make use of a home-grown and innovative solution that will ensure that patients have a chance of accessing blood in times of need,” said Dr. Wala.