OPPO Find X-2I know you have been waiting for this one, a review of the OPPO Find X. The Find X is a very controversial device that has taken the conversation away from whether brands should be selling devices at such high prices to whether you should spend Kes.100,000 an OPPO.

The truth is, those who can afford it, will more than likely skip the Find X for other premium brands like the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 or the iPhone Xs. Despite this fact, this review will focus on whether the Find X is worth its price, without focusing on the $1000 price tag.


OPPO Find X-3

The most interesting part about of the Find X is its design. On the back, we have a glass with a gradient colour that makes the device stand out. Even more pronounced, is the front with its edge-to-edge 6.42-inch display that is like nothing we have seen before.

This crazy display introduces the first problem, fragility. Dropping the Find X would probably be catastrophic, but dropping any 2018 flagship is catastrophic. The OPPO Find X hides its camera lenses underneath the body and the lenses are accessible through a pop-up mechanism that adds to the fragility.

OPPO find X

However, the motors inside the phone are smart enough to allow you to bully them a bit. Pulling up the upper part of the phone, pops-up the camera then it promptly pulls itself down, the opposite action is also true.


OPPO Find X camera

The cameras on the device do a good job, not as much as I would want them to but I have little to complain about. In case megapixel numbers tickle your fancy, the two main cameras are of 16MP and 20MP respectively. The selfie shooter is a 25MP. Here are a few images shot on the OPPO Find X:

The pop-u mechanism also houses the 3D face scanners which are the only biometrics on this phone and it works well in all conditions, even in darkness.

VOOC Charge, Battery Life and Performance


The 3730mAh battery on the Find X will pull through the day but if you need to juice up, an hour of charging is all you need. When it comes to performance, the 8GB RAM on the Find X and 128GB internal storage are more than satisfactory, actually, it destroys the Note 9 in benchmarks. Software-wise, we have Android 8.1 Oreo on board the usual ColorOS and a Snapdragon 845 processor.

The question remains, would you spend Kes.100,000 on the OPPO Find X?

Here’s a video review of the same with more eye candy:

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