“Brother Nature” Problematic Old Tweets Resurfaced, Twitter Cancels Him

Yeah this is not good.

brother nature problematic tweets resurface

If you’re on Twitter and you don’t know Brother Nature, you are maybe in a cave or something.

Brother Nature, or his government name Kevin Peña, has become quite the celebrity on Twitter thanks to his loveable videos he posts on Twitter about animals he interacts with. We have seen him interact with a bunch of animals, most famously some deer which he gave them names (Canela, Nancy, Tay Tay etc), his male goat Bentley and recently a sloth,  an elephant, camels, tiger, a white lion and many more.

His videos rack quite the retweets quickly and people really like his enthusiasm while he interacts with the said animals.

However, something interesting happened yesterday. Old tweets, possibly tweeted by him were resurfaced somewhat and they are not good. Some touched on racism, others on women’s rights, others were outrightly fascist and it is a mess.

Twitter quickly jumped on this latest scandal and here are some of the screenshots of the problematic tweets.

This are not good at all

When these old tweets resurfaced, Brother Nature quickly protected his accounts, possibly to deny people the ability to retweet them. However, that didn’t stop people from making fun of the situation.

One of my favourite memes. WE GOT HIM

Not you. Not you

How Brother Nature will be when he is told to explain his old tweets

We link Brother Nature and his favourite doe Canela and now people started making fun of Canela

This escalated quickly

Now since Twitter ‘cancelled’ Brother Nature, some want to seize the opportunity.

Twitter even showcased another guy who does almost the same thing like Brother Nature. Being cool with animals and all.

Some thought the reason this happened is because Brother Nature was showing cool cars in his videos

They are still blaming the Ferrari

How Twitter will wait for Brother Nature’s apology

Anyway as Desus Nice said…

Poor guy.

Kevin Peña issued an apology on Twitter explaining his past tweets.


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