Telkom Kenya Announces All-Time Low Rates for Voice in New All Network Bundle


Telkom Kenya can’t seem to slow down in releasing new products from time to time. Not to be left behind amid a series of announcements from the likes of Airtel, among many others, the operator’s new bundle targets folks that may not be adjusting well to upward revisions in call rates thanks to the Finance Act 2018. It should be noted that all carriers hiked, albeit slightly, the billing for all mobile services, although some aspects, such as data plans have largely remained untouched.

Now, the new voice bundle from Telkom is in four tiers and ranges from KES 1.9 to KES 1.5 per minute for calls made to any network.

The tier breakdown is as shown below:

Any Network BundlesPrice (KES)Validity
10 Minutes any Network19 (KES 1.9 per minute)24 hours
30 Minutes any Network49 (KES 1.6 per minute)30 days
66 Minutes any Network99 (KES 1.5 per minute)30 days
130 Minutes any Network130 (KES 1.5 per minute)30 days


The All Network Bundles can be accessed by dialling *544#. As highlighted in the table, validity spans from 24 hours to 30 days, and the higher you spend, the lower the calling rates.

It is also worth noting that this is still lower than what competitors such as Airtel offers, including the previously announced flat rate of KES 2 per minute to any network that has since been jacked up slightly.

Speaking during the reveal of this development, Telkom CEO Aldo Mareuse highlighted the impact of the Finance Act 2018 but assured customers that the carrier will continue to offer products that cushion costly services.

“At Telkom, we are committed to consistently deliver more value to our customers across the different segments and make sure that Every Bob Counts through strategic investment and innovation. This Voice bundle becomes the lowest call bundle to any network in Kenya, ensuring Kenyans no longer have to rely on seasonal offers to get in touch with loved ones or run their businesses, most especially at a time when the Finance Act 2018 has made Voice, SMS, and Data services more costly.”