Kenyans Heavily Tracked Kenya Airways’ Maiden Direct Flight to New York

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kenya airwaysYesterday, something historic for Kenya Airways happened. Their maiden direct flight to the United States took off for a long 15 hour journey. This was a trip that was hyped beforehand by the national carrier on mainstream media as well as on social media and it was bound to be a spectacle.

Thanks to our current technology, we could literally track the flight as it took off and landed at JFK airport in New York City. We have websites that allow you to track this flight or any other flight, but the most popular one is Flightradar24.

Flightradar24 actually tweeted about the maiden Kenya Airways non stop flight to New York yesterday as it started and it was sufficiently shared on the platform. They even gave people a direct link to the actual flight, where you could see an animated version of the plane crossing countries and the ocean on its way to the destination.

If you’ve never used Flightradar24 before, you can track flights by typing the aircraft’s code (in this case the KQ flight was KQ002) and you’ll see it being highlighted. Some other features are available on the Pro version, but the basic package was enough to track the whole flight and Kenyans were visibly interested.


Africa is huge

When it left the African airspace and onto the Atlantic Ocean.

If you have a premium subscription, you could do such tricks.

We even got photos and videos of the landing.

The actual landing of the plane.

Photo by a passenger.

And by Magical Kenya.

The last time a Kenya Airways flight was tracked this heavily was a KQ flight to Heathrow that was covered live on BBC back in 2017 due to the fact that a British Minister who had been hit with a scandal was aboard.