Is Video Conversion Software An Essential Tool For You?

video conversion

video conversionVideos are one of the most commonly created and shared media type in the world. This might include any kind of videos like movies, clips, educational movies, music films, how-to content, tutorials, entertainment, social or personal life moments. As all these types of files need more storage space to be stored in your computer or mobile devices, it can be a big problem for you. But the real question here is that what solution is available for such a problem? The answer to this question is video converter software. Top-rated conversion tool like Movavi Video Converter is basically a piece of software that has been specially designed to convert one media format into other, reduce the size and preserve the quality at the same time.

What All Formats Can Be Converted?

Mostly, all kinds of media files such as images, videos and music can be converted using Movavi conversion software. Most common formats include:

  • Graphics files such as JPG, TIFF/TIF, PNG, BMP, GIF, PSD, CRW, CR2, NEF, ORF, RAF, SR2, MRW, DCR, WMF, DNG, ERF, RAW, etc.
  • Audio files such as AIF/AIFF, M4A, MP3, WAV, WMA, MID/MIDI, OGG, AAC, etc.
  • Video files like AVI, MOV, MP4, M4V, 3GP, 3G2, WMV, ASF, FLV, SWF, MPG, RM/RMVB, etc.

Why Conversion Is Required?

Conversion is basically the process of changing the file format of a media file to make the file compatible, usable and playable on different devices. For example, a TS-file cannot be played on a mobile phone & needs to be converted into a compatible format such as MKV, MP4 etc. This can be easily done using a conversion tool as these are programmed to change the formats of files without degrading the original quality of content.

Features Offered

These are the top features offered by leading video conversion software such as Movavi:

  1. Batch processing to convert a number of files simultaneously to save you a lot of time.
  2. Support for all popular formats to ensure that you can convert any kind of file effortlessly.
  3. Preservation of original quality including HD and Ultra HD to ensure that you always get the finest results
  4. Feature to create a sample file before the whole conversion to allow you to check how the quality of the converted file would be.
  5. Speedy conversion, save instantly on your computer and use these files anytime you want to.
  6. Simple and user-friendly interface to help you complete all your tasks with ease.

Tip To Find The Right Video Conversion Tool

Firstly, you need to check the compatibility of the tool with your device i.e. mobile phone, Windows or Mac. After that, you need to check if the file format that you wish to convert is supported by it or not. The most essential way to find great video converter is by checking online reviews and ratings given by previous users. This will give you a clear idea about which one you should go for. If possible, always make sure to check the trial versions before buying the full version.