airtel shitfs new out of bundle rates

With increasing data costs, most internet users have now become more cautious about how they spend their money especially concerning data bundles. Most telcos have created value for their subscribers by adding new bundle features on top of what they regularly offer to cushion their customers. Airtel’s revamped Amazing Data Bundles offer is a lot different – on top of the bundles they offer, there’s the added free WhatsApp. It’s literally free; you don’t get to be charged any data when you use the chat app. This means you can consume the rest of your data bundles with no worry and they last longer. I decided to switch to this plan and subscribed to the daily 2GB at Ksh 99 and see if held its own.

Airtel Amazing Data Bundles

Price (Ksh)OfferValidity Extras

I updated my apps

On Tuesday, last week, I got a smartphone to review. It was late in the evening and I decided to set up the new phone on my evening commute home. I bought the bundles and began the process of personalizing the phone. It was a smooth process and I got to download new apps and update the apps that came with the phone. I also got to download security updates. In the end, my phone was secure and updated.

I binged all the videos on my Youtube Watchlist

I usually add videos from my favourite YouTubers either tech, lifestyle or vlogs to watch later on my morning or evening commute. I call it my guilty-pleasure list –  don’t judge me. Airtel’s data bundles provided me with seamless internet connectivity and allowed me to zone out and avoid talking to strangers when I’m on a bus to the office or home.

All about the ‘Gram life

Memes. Memes. Memes. I spend a lot of time on social media for an antisocial person. My bio practically reads “unapologetic oversharer” LOL.  Most of the time I am scrolling Twitter Retweeting, liking and quite tweeting tweets or I’m on Instagram scrolling through photos and memes. With no charges on data bundles, I get to share interesting stories and memes to my family and friends WhatsApp groups I’m in. I also get to spam my workgroup on Telegram. Airtel’s amazing data bundles always ensure I’m always online especially when I’m nowhere near a Wi-Fi network.

Downloaded offline Multimedia content

This weekend, I travelled upcountry to my shags and see what’s happening. I decided to download multiple shows to keep me company as I entertained my relatives including my nephews and nieces with cartoon clips. From Tom and Jerry, Kids Next Door and Spongebob and the popular baby shark song, I got them covered. I also downloaded a couple of shows for myself too. With the coming holidays, Airtel’s data bundles will come through especially if you travel to vacation destinations with slow or slaggy Wi-Fi connections.

In conclusion, Airtel’s revamped bundles will cater to your preferences from the daily to the weekly or monthly plan ensuring you stay connected to family and friends. Subscribe now by dialling *544# from your Airtel line.