Twitter Morning Brief is a feature the social networking site is working on to make it easier to catch up on news each morning when you first open the app. This feature now being tested on the Android app places news stories on top of your timeline along with the prompt: Catch up on what’s happened while you were away.

Twitter is generally full of noise. 5,787 tweets are posted every second, that’s 500 million tweets are sent each day from the  326 million people who use Twitter every month. This feature will come in handy as a curation of the new stories you might have missed to the 71% of Twitter users who are reading the news from the platform. This makes it easier to catch up on Twitter without asking you to deal with your timeline’s latest whims and rants.

Twitter Morning Brief will show news stories and tapping on them will only show tweets from news organization and also not include commentary as we have seen on the explore tab of its main app where a news article is linked from people tweeting that particular headline.

Image courtesy Mashable

Wally Gurzynsk, Twitter’s product manager said that this new feature will help people catch up on the news and stories their followers have been discussing while they have been away – right at the top of their timeline. How the prompt shows up suggests that the feature will take the format of a morning brief since it’s the first thing that appears when you open the app in the morning and hopefully get you up to speed with conversations you might have missed while you were away.

We’ll have to wait and see if this feature like the rest of the other features it’s testing, will eventually go live and if it does, it will be a welcome move to the people who binge read news articles.


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