WhatsApp Will Finally Let You Reject Group Invitations

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One of WhatsApp’s most popular feature is Groups and there as many groups are there people on the platform. However, there is an annoying problem about it where anyone can add you to a random group without your consent.

That is undoubtedly one of the most annoying things about WhatsApp and apparently this is going to be fixed in a way.

According to WABetaInfo, WhatsApp is apparently developing an option within settings that will allow you to manage how you get invited by others into groups. The feature will be available under the privacy settings as an option.

When the feature gets enabled in the future, you’ll access it by going to Settings > Account > Privacy and you’ll see it as part of the options. The ‘Group’ option will allow you to let either Everyone, My Contacts or no one to add you to groups.

via WABetaInfo

You will receive a request to join a group due to the fact that the group admin cannot add you. However, those requests have an expiry period where they will expire after 72 hours after the time of request.

This is absolutely splendid and it will definitely be be welcomed by WhatsApp users around the world. This has been a perennial problem that WhatsApp has had for a while now and it is great that they are working on a clean fix. This is actually a better implementation than what we have on Telegram thanks to the inclusion of the ‘Nobody’ option, so this would mean a peaceful WhatsApp experience some time in the future.


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