Twitter is Testing a New App That Pays Homage to the Old Name


Twitter has announced that they are working on a new app, and it pays homage to the original name of the site: twttr

Twitter says this is a prototype which they want to beta test to a handful of users.

When you click on the survey form, you are given a number of options to fill like your Twitter handle, which device you use, which country you are from and so on. You’ll get an email confirming your entry to the Twitter Prototype Program.

Currently it is only available to iOS users, which is a bummer and it has some restrictions. You’ll have to confirm your participation to this program and also install Apple’s TestFlight app. Twitter advises you to use twttr as your primary Twitter app, but these builds might not feature all the functionality you’re used to. You’ll get updates through email and push notifications from TestFlight.

This app will be focused on giving Twitter a more experimental testing space outside its existing network. Back then, we saw them testing new designs for conversations that were colour coded and looked weird, and that is the sort of thing beta testers would see.

The interesting bit is that Twitter has a whole hashtag connected to this program #LetsHaveAConvo. Participants will share what they have seen on the app and it could prove to be invaluable to see what Twitter is working on back at HQ.

You can try signing up, but since they are choosing very few people, the chance of getting in is slim. Also, can we pay homage to the word twttr where we saw it first from Twitter’s co-founder, Jack Dorsey.