Google’s Hotel Booking Site is Live to Rival


TravelThere are several services that can be taken advantage of when globetrotters or local travelers are on their usual trips. These groups, which, in most cases, use hotel-booking apps and services should be happy to see a new addition to their essential go-to travel tools; Google Flight and Hotels that has now been honed to make it easier to book a hotel room.

The search giant has, for some time now, been eyeing the hotel booking space with features such as highlighting hotel deals during peak holiday seasons.

Among new features packaged in Flights and Hotels is price insights. For instance, when searching through destinations, Google’s price insights will pop up for comparison purposes. The tool allows travelers to know whether they are overpaying for flights and identify a great deal.

The newly-launched and robust hotel booking site will also allow travelers to find deals for a selected hotel and how the deal compares to similar amenities. After selecting a hotel, you can book it right away on the site with a ‘book a room’ button. The button may take you to a third-party service that handles booking, the hotel itself or more seamlessly, you can book within the site.

Google FlightsGoogle has also added a Deals filter that allows you to curate deals in case your experience is cluttered with hotel promotions. According to the corporation, the filter ‘uses machine learning to highlight hotels where one or more of our partners offer rates that are significantly lower than the usual price for that hotel or similar hotels nearby.’

Lastly, Google Maps can help travelers pick hotels by showing customers if their choices are at a convenient spot or relevant landmarks. It shows several options and their pricing, as well as walking and driving distances to a traveler’s point of interest.