I am in this picture and I don’t like it. People have always taken professional photos for their organisations. The photos are usually done in a certain style – specifically showing your head and shoulders and in a tilted way. This photo of a monkey in a suit went viral as it makes fun of this vanilla way of taking a headshot.

This one describes this pose well

Every person who has ever taken a headshot felt attacked.

Time to roast yourself…

You and I both…

It hurts

Dating app Bumble took part too

Some can even recall the time they took their headshot

This one shared the same sentiment

Motherjones joined in too

Others suggested what kind of stories would be written by the monkey

The replies were too accurate

And this one

How about this one

This too

Kenyan journalist Joy Doreen also confirmed this

HBO didn’t want to be left behind

Looks like it’s time to change your headshot to something less cliche.



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