WhatsApp Working on Showing How Many Times a Message Was Forwarded

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Forwarding messages on social networking sites like WhatsApp is a mundane and banal thing people do daily. People get interesting tidbits via personal chats or groups and decide to share this kind of content to specific people or groups for them to see.

However, the practice of forwarding information, especially on WhatsApp has brought about new problems, one being the ease of sharing fake news.

Now WhatsApp is trying out a new thing that is related to forwarding messages that might give you an indication of the extent the message is sent.

According to WABetaInfo, WhatsApp is working on Forwarding Info and Frequently forwaded. 


Forwarding info will show you how many times a message has been forwarded. This feature will only be available for sent messages where if you are curious to know, you forward it and check the count under Message Info.

Frequently forwarded is the other feature being worked on by WhatsApp where if a message is shared more than 4 times, it is labelled as frequently forwarded. This feature will show people that the particular message they are sharing is quite popular or it has been forwarded too many times.

The interesting thing is that WABetaInfo found out that forwarding info feature is not available when a message is set as ‘frequently forwarded’. This means that the forwarding info is probably not as useful as the frequently forwarded tag on texts since it disappears anyway.

We can expect these features to be rolled out in the next beta update before being rolled out to the general public later on.

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