The Immersive New World of Online Poker


Online casinos are right on the cutting edge of technology. They benefit from some of the latest and greatest innovations in the field, and anyone who has not taken a look at them in a few years may be amazed at how far they have come.

Technology is always changing, of course, but some industries seem to be left in the dust or are simply reluctant to change as a whole. It seems that stagnation is not a part of the online casino industry, though, as the innovations that are just finding their way into some of the bleeding edge companies around the world start to show up in online casinos at nearly the same time.

Take live streaming, for example, which is really just a few years old. Internet speeds simply weren’t able to accommodate such a technology too long ago, but as soon as this technology was viable, it started showing up in online casinos. These businesses use it for live games, letting online players interact with and see the dealer in real time.

This not only helped players feel like the game was being played more fairly for them, but it also helped to immerse them in the online experience. It brought the digital game that much closer to the real world one, all while keeping the comfort level of an online game.

One of the newest technologies that is making the rounds is virtual reality. This technology has only been viable for the mass market for a couple of years now, and we are seeing it use mostly for video games. However it is also showing up in apps, movie advertising and, of course, online gambling. Now, online casinos can offer real money pokies for Australians who want to play in virtual reality.

They can put online blackjack games right in the middle of a virtual casino. This can be incredibly immersive, of course, and it can still be accessed from the comfort of one’s own home. Players can wander around a virtual casino and play cards with the dealer and other players in real time. Not everyone playing has to be hooked up to a VR headset and feedback sensors, but anyone who wants to can enjoy the game this way.

Of course, this technology is only being rolled out in a limited form at the moment, as virtual reality is still in its early stages of mass market penetration. It’s not something that every online poker player will be able to afford or will even want to use.

It’s still really cool to see this kind of technology implemented in these kinds of markets. The level of immersion it brings to the game is incredible, and it brings players one step closer to enjoying the full casino experience from the comfort of their computer desk.

As the gap between the real world and the digital one is bridged more and more, these online games will become increasingly immersive. The experiences will not seem quite as detached from reality and people will want to play not just for the gambling experience but for the immersion.

It is industries like online gambling that are going keep new technologies viable, even when they start to fail in other niches. For instance, virtual reality gaming on consoles and PCs isn’t as mainstream as some might have hoped, but there is still a market for the technology, and there will always be a demand in online casinos for new technology to bring in customers.

Casinos of all kinds have always thrived on trying new things and enticing customers back or drawing in new customers by giving them an experience they cannot get anywhere else. Combining a new level of immersion with a real sense of reward is the key to keeping customers even in times of recession. We’ve definitely seen online casinos latch onto that idea, and while it may be tough to think how these businesses could make the experience even more immersive, they can always make it more rewarding for the customer.

Savvy online casinos are incorporating new technologies into their operating model where it makes sense, while never giving up the driving sense of reward that keeps players coming back for more. Immersion certainly plays an important part in all of that, and online casinos understand that, which is why they are always on the cutting edge of technology.


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