Twiga Foods Co-Founder Peter Njonjo Takes Over as New CEO

peter njonjo twiga foods

Twiga Foods, the fresh produce distribution company has announced a change in leadership where they now have a new CEO.

Peter Njonjo has been appointed as the new Chief Executive Officer of Twiga Foods where he takes over from the company’s co-founder, Grant Brooke. Grant Brooke will still retain his executive role in Twiga Foods where he will work with Mr Njonjo to expand the company’s footprint into the rest of sub-Saharan Africa.

Mr Njonjo comes with a vast experience spanning 21 years at the Coca-Cola Company, which is in the food business. He was leading the multinational’s West and Central Africa business unit as President at the time. He is also the co-founder of Twiga Foods.

The outgoing CEO and co-founder, Mr Brooke, has led the growth of Twiga foods for the past 5 years where it has grown quite considerably and has raised a lot of money since then. “Peter’s leadership will be about institutionalizing this way of doing business and scaling it,” Mr Brooke said. “Peter’s experience in building efficient supply chains and last mile distribution in over 33 African countries make shim uniquely suited to lead us.”

Twiga Foods is a food distribution that connects business to business where t aims to build a fair and reliable market for agricultural producers and retailers. They source fruits and vegetables from 17,000 farmers across 20 counties in Kenya and deliver them directly to 2,500 vendors a day in Nairobi and its environments.

Twiga Foods has raised quite a lot of money in recent years. It has raised Kshs 3 billion to fund its expansion from tier-1 funds like Wamda Capital, IFC Ventures, TLCom, DOB Equity, 1776 Ventures, Omidyar Networks, Blue Haven Initiative and Adolf H. Lundin Foundation.


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