Google Has a Cool Avengers Themed Easter Egg

google avengers themed easter egg

Movies tend to generate a lot of hype on social media. It is especially felt on Twitter since it is such a lively social network.

The Marvel Cinematic Movies franchise has been churning out movies for the past decade and has been culminating towards one movie: Avengers: The End Game. The hype started last year with Infinity War and it is higher than ever with End Game.

One of the most defining moments from Infinity War is when the main antagonist, Thanos, snaps his fingers while wearing the Infinity Gauntlet that had the Infinity Stones and erased half of the universe. This moment was shared on social media widely that included stuff like GIFs, videos and tweets depicting the moment.

Well Google has joined in the fun of the latest Avengers movie where they have added a nifty Easter Egg celebrating the franchise.

When you type Thanos on Google, it will show the Infinity Gauntlet next to Thanos name in the preview. When you tap on the Infinity Gauntlet, the magic happens where it snaps (plus sound) and half of your searches start to disappear as a tribute to what you experienced (horridly) on Infinity War.

before and after the ‘snap’

The disappear effect is way better on desktop than on phone where you get to see the particles on the former while the latter is a more boring PowerPoint disappear effect.

I started with 87.7 million search results and with that snap, it reduced the search results to 43.85 million which is exactly half.

It is kind of fun that Google created this fun Easter egg and this has the potential to become popular in the next few days.


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