Distract: The Best, Weird and Other Ephemera from the Internet

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The Distract brings you the best, weird memes and all other ephemera from the rabbit hole that is the internet this week that trended from Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok and YouTube. This week’s come from Avengers, The Arya, Pot challenge, Gamora, the Razor Toast, ASMR YouTubers eating deodorant and more.

The Pot Challenge

People are screaming into their pots, closing them and then opening them expecting to hear a sound back.

People are doing it

others too

Are you as petty as this Avengers fan?

The new Avengers: Endgame cast has been advising users not to post spoilers.

Well, let’s go back to last years Infinity War. According to Reddit, a man spoilt the movie for an Avengers fan who goes by the name Jus10Sch. Jus10Sch allegedly befriended the guy for a year so as to eventually spoil the latest Avengers movie for him – this was a long con and pettiness level 10000.

How did it start? The man commented on the Jus10Sch’s Instagram comments by naming everyone who dies in Infinity War. Jus10Sch and the stranger became friends and they kept messaging memes and movies like normal buddies.

The long con paid off as Jus10Sch saw Endgame on opening night and while he was at it, he took photos throughout the entire movie including Thanos death #1, Black Widow’s death, Iron Man’s death, Captain Marvel, Ronin, Smart Hulk, Fat Thor, 2 Captain America’s, 2 Nebulas, Stan Lee’s cameo, all the snapped coming back and several other important plot points.

And as a guy with a conscience, he had a moment where he didn’t want to send the photos. Jus10Sch and the stranger got back to texting with the stranger asking how it was and requesting Jus10Sch not to spoil it for him. Jus10Sch reminded him of how the stranger spoilt Infinity War for him with the stranger pleading that they are now friends. Jus10Sch then sent all the pictures coupled with plot points thus ruining it for the troll – somebody make this movie already.[Reddit]

“I just saved you guys like $12 on an overpriced movie, calm down.”

In other news, you can’t escape Endgame spoilers even in Church where you would think was a safe space. A youth pastor spoiled an important moment in Endgame to thousands of unsuspecting teens during his sermon.

The movie ‘Sonic the Hedgehog’ got backlash from fans and is now getting a redesign

The trailer for Sonic the Hedgehog came out just this past week and there was a lot of backlash:

  • a live-action Sonic movie set in the real world
  • Jim Carrey resurrecting his mid-’90s comedy schtick
  • a creepily realistic CGI Sonic with human teeth(it got the meme treatment)

This led to fans creating their own stylized redesigns of the character

Sonic’s weird appearance got a lot of attention

Now the pressure is on for the visual effects team as this movie is slated to come out in six months

With crunch work already a problem for VFX artists, employees will have to work overtime

We’ll have to wait and see.

Why are ASMR YouTubers eating glass, rock and deodorants?

The ASMR fad has gone way too far with this recent trend. But generally, YouTubers have been doing ridiculous things for views. ASMR YouTubers are no different, there are even genres dedicated to chalk, rusty old tools and even bug eating.

But these aren’t actual chalk, candle, glue, bleach and deodorant. These YouTubers fail to put disclaimers since they eat edible food made to look like these objects. One ASMR YouTuber even got a backlash from another YouTuber.

Gamora putting on lipstick memes

This week was dominated by memes from The Avengers and the Game of Thrones, Zoe Saldana who plays Gamora posted an Instagram video in mostly full character makeup applying her green lipstick that went viral.

People started making memes out of it

it got modified to anything green with the joke that Zoe is a stand-in for any green object getting ready to do something bold or evil or funny.


They got hilarious

What’s with the Arya Dance?

Arya’s kill strike move in the recent Game of Thrones episode is the source of this new dance style.

other tweeps got interested

Another simpler version

If you’re not a trained assassin, here are some hilarious takes

my fav

and another

Mariah referencing her own memes in the Billboard Music Awards (BBMAs)

The  Billboard Music Awards happened this past Wednesday and Mariah Carey was honoured with the icon award but it was her acceptance speech that got us interested.

“Without getting into all the drama, all the ups and downs of my career—we’ve all seen them; we all make mistakes; there have been a few memes,” she says

And that gave rise to new memes

Other artists applauded this

BTS also joined in

Razer Toaster is actually happening

How did it get here? It all started as an April’s fools day prank in 2016 but the toaster had been wanted by fans since 2013.

The Facebook group agreed with Razer CEO Min-Liang Tan that if they reached 1M likes, the toaster would be made. The page has 45000 likes but the CEO tweaked the agreement so that if anyone got the Razer tattoo would be equal to 100000 likes and so far 12 people have done that so far.

This means Min-Lang will have to deliver his end of the deal.

People thanking the Avengers turning into a meme

Meghan, a fan of the Avengers posted an appreciation tweet thanking the cast

it got cloned

Is Joe Biden in Avengers: Endgame?

Well, his lookalike is. The resemblance is too close.

TikTok Videos of the week

The TikTok videos of the week are the Save the Turtles ones where users post videos that are a rallying call for users to stop using plastic raws as they are endangering sea life and embrace metal or reusable straws.

My favourite as it combines with the “Here’s *tap tap* the tea” TikTok video.

Log out with this TikTok Video – my all time favourite

The Distract brings you the best, weird memes and all other ephemera from the rabbit hole that is the internet this week that trended from Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok and YouTube.