Memes. Memes. Memes. Memes. The only thing holding the internet together. Here are some of the best memes that trended from this past week to cheer you up.

Chadwick Boseman Avengers Response

We all want to know what the plot to Avengers: Engame and we all go to the extent of squeezing the info from actors who star in the movies.
Chadwick isn’t in this movie but Access asked if he could share what he knows and he’s response didn’t disappoint:
“It’s great, but I’m dead”

This lead to the creation of memes that make you sound nihilistic
Anything after 5Pm is a no-no

Avoiding responsibilities like

My favourite

Here’s the tea

Sammie Lewis Here’s the ** tea TikTok video went viral and people spun their own memes.
In the original, she has a couple of these where she’s sipping tea or some other beverage, and says β€œahhh.” She then taps her phone with long acrylic nails in between words, going β€œhere’s [tap] the motherfucking [tap] tea.” She continues with some gossip.
They made an exaggerated version

Here are some of the spin offs

And this one

Allegedly, here’s how her phone looks like if you’re wondering

Normal Heartbeat memes

People are now using punctuation marks to create memes. You’ve seen the flat stomach memes and now there’s the heartbeat memes created the same way mimicing how the heart rate is shown on a heart rate monitor where one depicts a normal heart rate and the other shows an excited or frenzied heartbeat rate

When you see your crush

And as usual brands took over

We can all relate to this


Goes down in the DMs

The dreaded four words

Pastors donning expensive sneakers

This guy created an Instagram handle to document the expensive sneakers megachurch pastors wear and according to BuzzFeed, it’s sending people down an existential morality spiral.

Here’s another one

Last one

According to my calculations memes

The calculator meme is coming back thanks to this old tweet

Tweeps had their hot takes to add up

Don’t we all

Nobody wants to see you ashy ankles

I feel attacked

Swift army rose to the occasion

Black hole memes

Late last week, an image of a black hole was taken. We’ve all known the existence of these mysterious space objects but never seen a real image, just artist’s rendering from science magazines to Hollywood films.

The image shows light bending around the black hole. It thrilled with scientists and memes of it couldn’t be left behind.

What other people were seeing

Looks so familiar

My favourite. Also now that song is stuck in my head

You cheated not only the game memes

As a gamer, we all like to have some cheat coded to enhance our gaming experience and get more points while we are at it. Early this week, someone wrote on PC Gamer how he beat popular video game Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice boss and felt fine. The post enraged loyal gamers who follow the rules

The sarcastic tweet brought even more memes

This one

My favourite

It even went further to hit on other subjects such as this on how the next Avengers movie is going to be a long one

Other games were not spare

And this

I loved his voice

Lil Nas X’s Old Town Road Memes

Old Town Road went viral courtesy of this TikTok challenge video
The song gained appeal from both country and the R & B/ Hip hop fans that then landed the song top of their ranks in their respective charts on the Billboard in March.

Last week, the artist released a remix of his song with new verse from country singer Billy Ray Cyrus that made the song reach No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 which was later removed for lacking enough country music elements.
That was a good thing though

Memes came through

This one
My favourite

How is this synching to every song

As usual the lyrics get messed up

Like this one

This dad won our hearts

Peloton has been pushing ads on social media to get people interested in buying their stationary exercise bikes.
One woman got interested and asked her mom if it was a good idea. She got an email from her dad

The tweet got interesting replies

All of us Daniel, all of us!

Peak Dad

Even the company got interested

Here’s one last one:


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