YouTuber Modifies His Roomba to Swear When It Bumps Into Stuff

It swears just like us when we hit our little toe on furniture legs


Humans have been making robots do most of the menial work and with smart home tech becoming more autonomous and our lives more convenient. This YouTuber decided to modify his Roomba to swear off like a human when it hits stuff.

Michael Reeve is no stranger to modifying gadgets. He previously made a robot that shoots energy drinks when you’re tired. Another one of my favourite is a robot he built that picks out tomatoes from your salad. His latest gadget to get a face lift is his Roomba.

A Roomba is a series of autonomous robotic vacuum cleaners sold by iRobot and
features a set of sensors that enable it to move across house floors and clean them.
It does the cleaning by driving around, spotting dirt through its dirt detection system, and cleaning it up. The vacuum cleaner has a bumper ring that gives the Roomba ability to run into walls and bounce right back off, change it’s navigation and continue cleaning

With Michael Reeve, he removed the cleaning larts to make room for other gadgets in his Roomba. He added Raspberry Pi to detect collisions and play a sound through a Bluetooth speaker every time the Roomba hit stuff.
He recorded his YouTuber friends like iDubbz and maxmoefoePokemon swearing off and plays them everytime there’s collusion.

Watch the full video below.