Healthcare Firm MYDAWA Receives KES 300 Million Investment from Africa HealthCare Master Fund


MYDAWAHealthcare startup MYDAWA has received a $3 million investment from Africa HealthCare Master Fund. The e-healthcare platform has reported that the funds will be used to expand its turf in Kenya to grow its overall vision and goal of providing access to affordable healthcare, with high-quality medicine and healthcare products and services.

Established in 2017, MYDAWA sought to sell its trade in the country and amid a series of developments, it managed to stay afloat without external investments. The startup says this is the first round of external funding that is also supplemented by the Africa HealthCare Master Fund’s expertise and international reach.

MYDAWA’s has an upper hand in supply chain management. According to its executives, it sources medicine and health products from vendors that are certified by the World Health Organization (WHO) amidst cases of counterfeits in the market. Its app is also used to authenticate products using SMS or Quick Response codes.

“Our goal at MYDAWA has always been to be a trusted partner for busy Kenyans by a providing convenient, private access to authentic medication and wellness products at a very good value. It was very important that a new partner shared this goal which is inspired by the Kenyan aim of improving access to healthcare for all. I am delighted to add The Africa HealthCare Master Fund to the team which brings expertise and international reach as well as funds.,” stated Neil O’Leary Founder and Chairman of MYDAWA.

As of 2019, the platform has registered more than 80,000 users.

The firm did not reveal plans to export its trade to other parts of the continent.