Huawei Patents Possible Android Replacement OS in Europe


The media has been supporting Huawei amid tough days that have seen American companies and their allies distance themselves from the Chinese technology corporation. For the most part, the ban has not augured well with millions of people who have come to trust the quality of Huawei devices, as well as larger businesses such as mobile operators that have invested heavily in Huawei equipment.

The most devastating blow hit the corporation a week ago when Google, the search giant that owns Android reported it was cutting ties with Huawei. To put this in context, Huawei phones and tablets are powered by Android, so the ban implies that future devices will not ship with the mobile operating system, effectively starving the market Huawei had already conquered (it is the second largest manufacturer of mobile phones after Samsung). Should the ban remain, then the world will see millions of Huawei smartphone orphans that can be served by other devices – but shouldn’t they have a choice too?

Well, trade wars are complex than what is revealed to the masses. This is why Huawei has been developing an alternate mobile OS as it is said it anticipated this ban would happen. The development is not a surprise because manufacturers such as Samsung have been toying with the same idea, having released smartphones and smartwatches powered by their in-house mobile OS aka Tizen.

Apparently, Huawei’s Android Kinda Replacement OS will hit the market before the year ends. Another word reports that the new OS will come sooner than that, probably in the next couple of weeks. Others, especially folks within the confines of Huawei offices say that the OS is not ready for mass roll out. The confusing messages are amplified by lack of a consistent name, although it appears that the corporation has settled on Ark OS.

According to Android Headlines, Huawei has already patented Ark OS in Europe if word from the European Union Intellectual Property Office is anything to go by. No further details have been divulged, so there is no way to tell which devices Ark OS will serve should it see light of day. We will get back to you as we learn more.


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