Instagram Makes Recovering Your Account Much Easier, Safeguards Against Username Hijacking


Instagram has announced that recovering your account will now be made so much easier as it rolls out a new in-app process. Instagram let you recover your account manually if you got locked out. You had to fill a support form and then wait for Instagram’s security team to contact you. The giant photo sharing platform owned by Facebook says that this process will be automated.

With the in-app process, you’ll be asked for different types of info including original email or phone number. Instagram will then send a six-digit code to the contact info of your choice. This will prevent hackers from using phone number codes or email to take over your account.

This new method makes sure that you can recover your account even if someone has changed the user name and contact data.

Safeguard against username hijacking

Instagram will offer a safeguard that makes sure that a user name can’t be claimed for a period of time after account changes – to protect your account in case a malicious user has taken over it or if its a voluntary change.

When’s it rolling out?

The username lockdown is currently available to Android and iOS users. In-app recovery availability widely is uncertain.

2-factor authenticate all your accounts