Latest MySafaricom Update Makes MPESA So Much Better

No more pesky STK calls to validate your PINs


MySafaricom app is one of the most useful apps from Safaricom and it offers a lot of features. One of them is offering an app based version of their popular service MPESA. You can do the same things as you can with the STK menu but in an app form.

The app was designed to validate your MPESA PIN outside the app. We got used to it after a while and it was not ideal. However with the latest update, this has been made so much easier.

On Saturday, Safaricom pushed an update to the Android version of MySafaricom app where it validates your PIN in-app. This makes the experience so much better on the app and it was a long time coming.

When you validate your transaction, it opens a new page where you can add your PIN. When your PIN is confirmed, it displays another page that shows you the receipt of the transaction.

mysafaricom mpesa

The process is seamless and honestly I’ve wanted this on the MySafaricom app since the app was introduced 3 years ago. It seems like Safaricom is using some form of cloud authentication service to make this happen since the previous move relied on the STK menu.

There was also another update with this release. Safaricom added a neat option when you have the option to add withdrawal charges to your amount automatically when you send someone money.

Could this mean we will have a dedicated MPESA app from Safaricom? We don’t know yet but that could be a great idea. The STK menu is invaluable since it can be used on feature phones and smartphones. However now MPESA feels smartphone like with this update and I welcome such updates in the future.