Discovered: New Websites, Apps and Extensions for This Week


The internet can be a very interesting place if you know where to look at. Discovered will do the digging and bring you the best, new and interesting apps, browser extensions or websites so you don’t have to.

Some of this week’s finds will be productive tools and others genuinely interesting and will be fun to try out or waste your afternoon scrolling through what they offer.

Have a look at them:


Tippin is a Lightning Network app and a browser extension that helps you send Bitcoin tips to Twitter users. It was launched late last year as a way to use Lightning Network to easily make micropayments accessible.

By March this year, Tippin had over 200 users daily with a base of 14,000 users. Jack Dorsey, Twitter CEO even gave them a shout out.

Remote Circle

Remote Circle helps users find remote jobs in their time ones. You add your current location and the site will show you current jobs hiring in your own timezone. You can filter for jobs by type, keyword, category, and company.

This is a great solution to the constraints of sourcing more realistic remote jobs.

Micro Album

Micro Album lets you hand over your phone to a friend, colleague, significant other or family member so that they can only see the photos you intended them to see.

Bluetooth managers for macOS

  • Juice – This is a Bluetooth manager for macOS for easier connecting to your favourite devices from the Touch Bar and Notification Centre. It ships with a Today widget that lets you manage devices and check the remaining battery charge from Notification Center.
  • Toothpicks – this is another Bluetooth manager for macOS

Overkill for Mac

This is a simple Mac app that runs in the background to make sure iTunes doesn’t open and interrupt your work every time you connect your phone.

How is everyone

How is everyone is a global online poll in an attempt to find out how everyone is dong. The poll encourages visitors to the site to take a moment to reflect on their mood. You can cast your vote, share it and also view the result of the poll.


Honeygain is an app that allows you to reach your internets’ full potential by making your device a getaway.


Cupcake lets you not forget anyone’s birthday again. You ask for your friends birthday dates and the app tracks the dates for you. Now you can delete Facebook. is a javascript app that provides fast secure free serverless file encryption using the AES-256-GCM algorithm from WebCryptoAPI included in your browser.


Gist is like Pinterest but better as you get to see everything you and your friends buy by verifying your entire buying history and visualizes it beautifully for sharing. It’s now easy to get word-of-mouth recommendations online. All the images are shoppable.

Broadcast Lists

The internet can very noisy and that’s why  Broadcast Lists wants to curate content for you – it is a content platform for Android and iOS from people and broadcasts you subscribe to.


Blur introduces a new type of drinking game with over 1500 different questions and challenges. You write the names of the players, choose the pack you want to play and start the fun!


This makes a pyramid of any text you enter. That’s’ it.

Quitting Google

Here are some privacy-friendly alternatives.


milkshake makes websites from your phone and for free. They are fun, swipe-able, gorgeous websites designed for Instagram’s mobile browser. The app turns your link in bio into an Insta website.

Dark Hacker News

If you read Hacker News, then you’ll love this app. Dark Hacker News is an app that presents Hacker News in a dark theme.


The Android and iOS app aggregates podcasts from underrepresented content creators from places like Africa, the Caribbean and includes ones you won’t find in mainstream podcast apps such as Neck of the Woods, You had me at Black, Two Brown Girls and 2 Dope Queens. You can also submit your podcast to be featured too.

The creator of the app builds other apps for underrepresented groups.

Lannister Capital

If you’ve followed Game of Thrones, you know Lannisters always pay their debts. This app is a simple wealth manager and financial planner including crypto funds and uses Blockstack’s decentralized authentication and storage platform. Try it out here.

The Texting Doorbell

Are millenials killing the doorbell industry? maybe?

Others prefer the doorbell

With the Texting Doorbell, when you ring it, it will send a “here” text to the owner of the home.


Magtechwpie manages your photos and notes especially if you take photos as reminders so you don’t forget about them.


LazyDay lets you select what to watch on Netflix if you’re stuck on getting a good tv show or movie to watch. You can search using categories or let the site pick a random one for you. Plus there are no ads.


CandyLists creates interest-based YouTube feeds. It offers a good playlist management system, interests based video feeds, subscriptions management and video feed player.

Listen Along

Listen Along lets you listen to Spotify with others including your significant other, friends and family in real time by syncing.

Listen along with others using your iOS, Android, and Desktop devices.


Unapp is a repository of carefully curated minimal and useful single-purpose apps. is a platform that lets you discover and follow amazing developer blogs. You can subscribe to your favourite blogs and get notified when new posts go up plus you can take part in discussions and build a brand too.


DeepNamer is an AI-powered domain name generator. It’s also a brainstorming platform that can help you find a catchy/creative domain name.

Trendy 404s

Trendy 404s is a set of creative templates for your 404s.

Carbon Visualiser

This is a carbon footprint calculator that uses emojis to nudge people towards less impactful forms of transport.

Discovered: We bring you the best, new and interesting apps, browser extensions or websites from all over the rabbit hole that is the internet.