Google App Beta Tests a More Convenient Way of Sharing Searches


Google is currently testing a quick and more convenient way of sharing searches on its Google App beta plus another new carousel feature.

This is a welcome addition to the regular ways such as manually editing and copying the looooong link. With this new update, a search button appears next to your search beside the voice search button. When you tap on it, An Android share button pops up for you to share the link that takes up the “” format.

Clicking on that link will take you to the Google App if you have it installed on your phone or direct you to the Google Play Store. If opened on the desktop, you will be directed to the regular Google Search Results page.

Another feature Google is testing is a new search history carousel that appears under the pill-shaped bar in the Discover tab. Five or more word bubbles appear subtly under it. You can tap on it just like how you would with the normal way or scroll past it to go back to history.

It is worth noting that your results may be different as Google customises the search results since the link only shares the text of your terms, not the results. If you share the search for “restaurants near me”, it will open up different searches depending on the location of your recipients.

The tech giant might ship these features to the official app.