OPPO Demos its Impressive In-Display Camera Tech at MWC Shanghai

Notches and pop up cameras are so last gen

oppo in display camera

Smartphone design has undergone quite the metamorphosis the past few years. Smartphone manufacturers have been working towards the ‘totally bezel less display’. This involves having thin bezels and somehow eliminating the front facing camera.

They have tried all sorts of ways to remove the front camera. They started by having notches that go around the camera. They removed the camera entirely and placed them on motors that are summoned at will. Some even have flip cameras where you share a camera system in either selfie or primary camera mode.

However, this year, we got a preview of what seemed like the next generation of solving the bezel-less display – selfie camera conundrum. Samsung was reported to be working on one back in March while Oppo & Xiaomi teased their samples early this month.

Well, Oppo has gone ahead and announced their first phone with an under screen camera at MWC 19 at Shanghai.

The render shows the in-display camera system which OPPO proudly calls the Under-screen Camera (USC). 

You may be wondering how this camera system works under the display. Well, Oppo says that the display uses a custom transparent material which works with a redesigned pixel structure so that light can get through to the camera. Apparently the camera sensor is larger than other selfie cameras an with a wider aperture lens so as to gather light to that sensor.

There are some drawbacks with this design. OPPO acknowledges that putting a screen in front of a camera inherently reduces the image quality. The big problems include glare, haze and colour casts. To counter this, the company has developed algorithms that will address these issues.

Oppo is planning to launch a device with such a camera system ‘in the near future’ so we should wait and see what phone will get this cool tech. Oppo is no stranger to trying cool camera tech like their recent Reno phone with its periscope zoom lens.


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