The New Instagram Layout Isn’t Getting Enough Likes

Instagram Feed

Instagram FeedInstagram recently updated its layout and people who use the Facebook-owned giant photo and video sharing platform didn’t get onboard – they were hesitant to double tap on this design and they shared their thoughts.

The update which rolled to users changes the layout of the profile tab. The button between the grid layout and the tagged section that lets you browse through a person’s account is gone.

You’re now presented with two sections, the grid layout and the tagged section. So now you have to click on a single photo to scroll through the photos. The other buttons also look different as they have been shifted to just above the two remaining sections.

The top right corner retains the number of posts, followers and following.

The changes give the profile layout more room with the negative spaces in between the highlights and your username and a ton of blank space everywhere similar to Twitter’s redesigned desktop layout the company is testing.

Someone tell her


Instagram needs to give an option to go back to the old design

These platforms need to chill with the design changes

At least there’s some love out here

What are your thoughts?

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