Google Chrome for Android Now Lets You Manually Edit Saved Passwords

Chrome App

Chrome AppGoogle’s password management site is a handy site for viewing, copying and deleting all the passwords you’ve set up with the Chrome browser and it is now getting a much-needed upgrade – here’s why: Previously users couldn’t manually edit their passwords saved here but now you’ll be able to do so. It won’t just be on the site but also on the passwords tab in the settings section of the Chrome app.

This functionality is also available for the desktop.

Here’s how to enable it – on the Chrome app and on desktop

  • First things first enable this Chrome flag(chrome://flags/#google-password-manager – copy and paste it on the address bar) to make the site your default password manager on Chrome. When you enable it, you’ll be required to relaunch Chrome.
  • Once Chrome relaunches(it will load with a new UI), head to the Chrome’s settings and click on the Passwords section.
  • You’ll be required to login to your Google account for the desktop or enter your PIN or scan fingerprint on the app for faster verification. After that, you can view, copy, delete or edit any passwords you’ve saved(Change them if use these ones) with Google.

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